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The Trust is urgently seeking financial support with their purchase of a residence in Queenwood, Hamilton. We have paid the deposit with settlement 30 November. We will also need contributions for the future running of the residence, food, robes, and medical expenses for female monastics who are totally dependent on the lay community for their physical support.

We are very grateful for any donation received. We are, now slowly reaching our target of $65,000, through so many generous gifts. We will be finalising the sale agreement on 30th November.  The generosity shown is heart warming, the Trust believes we are doing something wonderful and as such with the support shown, we are all doing it. Thank you everyone.

We will be needing items when we open the door, many people have offered many gifts, we are keeping track of these. Should you have anything specific you think we would need please email the Trust.

Dr Elizabeth Day speaking to project

NZBST needs your support Pamphlet

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Kiwibank   38 9017 0491759-00     – New Zealand Bhikkhunī Sangha Trust

SWIFT code:   KIWINZ22

Kiwibank Limited, Ground Floor, New Zealand Post House, 7 Waterloo Quay, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

Please send an email to when donation is made with your name and address and we will forward a receipt for tax deduction purposes.                    Charity Registration Number:  CC52798

New Zealand Bhikkhunī Sangha Trust has met the qualifying criteria under Section LD 3 of the Income Tax Act 2007 to receive donations. This means that individuals can claim a donation tax credit for cash donations greater than $5 to the Trust. A tax credit or deduction will only apply where funds are used by the organisation for charitable, benevolent, philanthropic or cultural purposes wholly or principally within New Zealand.

Pass merits to…..

….my late parents, Grace Sau Lan LOO & Kok Huat LEE, dedicated towards the awakening of all beings.

… memory of the loved ones  who are no more in my family

… her my father Shelton Dassanayake and grandmother Agus Sooriarchchi