The Trust operates on the kind donations of its supporters. If you would like to make a donation, our bank account details are:

Kiwibank   38 9017 0491759-00     – New Zealand Bhikkhunī Sangha Trust

A receipt will be issued.  Charity Registration Number:  CC52798

For PayPal donation please use the Donate button below.

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Some possible uses for donated funds are paying for: flights of bhikkhunī or lay teachers to and within New Zealand for Trust-related activities; accommodation for visiting guests involved in Trust-related activities; and food, robes, and medical expenses for visiting bhikkhunī.

New Zealand Bhikkhunī Sangha Trust has met the qualifying criteria under Section LD 3 of the Income Tax Act 2007 to receive donations. This means that individuals can claim a donation tax credit for cash donations greater than $5 to the Trust. A tax credit or deduction will only apply where funds are used by the organisation for charitable, benevolent, philanthropic or cultural purposes wholly or principally within New Zealand.