Royce Wiles comments:

As a special library with an academic focus, the NZBST Library’s primary aim is to actively collect, preserve and make available resources for the study of the teachings of the Buddha (in the first instance focused on fulfilling needs within New Zealand.

a. As a trust to benefit ordained women, the scholastic and educational needs of the bhikkhunis are taken into consideration first, but access to library resources will be available to all with a genuine and serious interest in studying this material.

b. The core activity of the library is the collection, organizing and supply of relevant resources (books, journals, CDs, PDFs etc.) to support study of the Dhamma/Dharma.

c. With no major academic institution in New Zealand focused on collecting, studying or preserving the Buddha Dhamma/Dharma, the NZBST Library can fill a unique niche by providing access to Buddhist materials and by acting as a long-term reference repository of national importance for these materials.

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