Ayya Suvijjana

Vimutti July 30,2022

Ayya Suvijjana Bhikkhuni was born in California in1952, a licensed nurse from 1989 to 2006, has been practicing meditation since 1976, starting with Zen meditation. In 1998 she was introduced to Vipassana at Santa Cruz Insight. Shortly after became a lay student of Ajahn Amaro and Ajajn Passano and spent a lot of time at Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery. She was called to monastic life herself and became a student of Ayya Tathaaloka in 2006 when she took up residency and training at the first Dhammadharini Vihara in Fremont, CA. She received full ordination as a bhikkhuni August 2010 at Aranya Bodhi Hermitage. She has played a supportive role in establishing Dhammadharini and Aranya Bodhi Hermitage. She spends time in residency both at Dhammadharini Monastery in Penngrove, CA and at the Aranyabodhi Hermitage in Jenner CA.

Ayya Suvijjana is currently on self retreat at Dhamma Tiriya until 28 September 2022, she will resume teachings after that date, leaving 5th October. Thank you.