Dhamma Tiriya

Residence for Bhikkhunīs, Kirikiriroa, Waikato, Aotearoa

The time has arrived for the NZ Bhikkhuni Sangha Trust to be able to offer this residence, inaugurated on 11th December 2021 at 4pm, for bhikkhuni to dwell at Dhamma Tīriya’s first Vassa and on going, free from encumbrances, to focus on the practice. We are very grateful to all donors near and far who have made it possible, we wish you wellness.

As this is a time of flux, the trustees welcome any female monastics to consider a period of residency in Hamilton. Should you consider this and are willing to fill in an Application To Stay please get in touch directly with nz.bhikkhunitrust@gmail.org

Plus big gratitude to all donors near and far who have made it possible

The Trustees are:

Janice Hill

Erica Weerekoon

Dushyanti Samarasinghe

Prasanthi Amerasinghe

Penelope Trevathan (currently on leave)