Residence / Library

Residence for Bhikkhunīs, Kirikiriroa,  Aotearoa

Female monastics are encouraged to apply to reside at the premises.

An Application to Visit will need to be filled in.

The community is actively involved through providing meals, home maintenance, and transport to support the daily living of those in residence.

We currently are seeking funds towards the establishment costs, we hope you will find it in your heart to help us achieve this.

This is an essential and beautiful part of the fullness of the Four Fold Assembly.

Please contact: Janice Hill,


A Dhamma Library is an integral part of a Buddhist monastery or hermitage, enabling the monastics, lay people and residents to integrate Buddhist practise with solid theoretical knowledge.

Building a good library is a large undertaking and we thank you for your support.

We need shelving, the boxes of books, we have had in various storage places are being opened. We need to catalogue

Please contact Royce Wiles,