Ongoing projects are:

Those wishing to support any of these projects financially are invited to make a donation.

Hermitage for Bhikkhunis in NZ

Please contact: Janice Hill,

Our vision is to raise funds to buy a property for a simple Bhikkhuni hermitage  in the Hamilton urban area as a beginning. Our grateful thanks go to the US based Alliance for Bhikkhunis for their seed funding and recently two very generous anonymous donors has progressed this vision to an active urban property search. A very competitive time to be looking with prices going up daily.

This initial start will lead to a more secluded property on the road to  the small coastal township of Raglan some 40 kilometres away. The land – 150-200 acres for a rural hermitage  which would also have kutis (simple cabins) for long-term serious lay practitioners. Hopefully the land will be within walking distance of Raglan and have a section of native forest with farm-land nearby available to purchase over time for to build a community of the sangha trust and friends, monastics and lay people.

Library Planning and Building               

Please contact: Royce Wiles,

We believe that a world-class Dhamma Library is an integral part of a Buddhist monastery or hermitage, enabling the monastics and residents to integrate Buddhist practise with solid theoretical knowledge. Furthermore, a good knowledge base, facilitated by a good library can help practitioners to have a knowledgeable, intelligent and respectful relationship with those from other traditions and back-grounds.

We are gradually acquiring books for which we are very grateful.

Books that would still be useful for our Library:

a) Complete set of Pali and English Tipitaka from Pali Text Society (we have the vinaya books already).

b) Books from Myanmar (these may be possible to arrange and have shipped via an online bookstore) Books by Mahasi Sayadaw, Ledi Sayadaw, Sayadaw U Tejaniya, Sayadaw U Jotika, Pa Auk Sayadaw.

c) Donations towards the purchase of contemporary Dhamma books from and contributions for shipping (we plan to send the books to an American friend for safekeeping, and then ship by sea en masse to NZ)

Means of support for this project:

  • Transporting books. Especially helpful would be to help transporting books from the United States to New Zealand or from the United States to Sri Lanka (we have friends who can bring from Sri Lanka to New Zealand). There are many helpful books available in America, however, posting them to New Zealand is not inexpensive.

Bhikkhunī Vibhanga Project