We believe that a world-class Dhamma Library is an integral part of a Buddhist monastery or hermitage, enabling the monastics and residents to integrate Buddhist practise with solid theoretical knowledge.

Furthermore, a good knowledge base, facilitated by a good library can help practitioners to have a knowledgeable, intelligent and respectful relationship with those from other traditions and back-grounds.

Building a good library is a large undertaking and we would appreciate your support

Means of support for this project:

  • Donating Dhamma-dana books from well known Dhamma teachers. Volumes by Verable Nyanananda, Bhante Dhammajiva, Ven Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Maha Boowa, Venerable Analayo, translations by Ajahn Thanissaro, for example, would be very helpful.
  • Transporting books. Especially helpful would be to help transporting books from the United States to New Zealand or from the United States to Sri Lanka (we have friends who can bring from Sri Lanka to New Zealand). There are many helpful books available in America, however, posting them to New Zealand is not inexpensive.
  • Donating funds for the purchase of books or donating specific books. Please write if you like to know the volumes that would be useful.


Hermitage for Bhikkhunis in NZ

  • Starting to lay foundations and raise money for land. This project is in its infancy.


Bhikkhunī Vibhanga Project