Ayya Adhimutti

Ayya Adhi 31.05.21Ayyā Adhimuttī, born in Hamilton, first ordained as a mae chee at Wat Ram Poeng, Thailand 2005. She then went forth as a samaneri in 2008 at Santi Forest Monastery, Australia with Ayyā Tathālokā as preceptor and Bhante Sujato as her achariya, and had her bhikkhunī upasampada in 2010 at Aranya Bodhi Hermitage in California with Ayya Tathālokā as pavattini and Bhante Henepola Gunaratana as Ovadakacariya. She has spent about five years practicing in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

”I have the intermediate term vision (5-7 years) to bring together a group of interested Dhamma friends and to purchase a piece of land large enough to establish a meditation hermitage, especially to give bhikkhunis the opportunity, so often denied them, to dedicate themselves to meditation in solitude, as well as having kutis for serious lay practitioners, a comprehensive reference library for Buddhist texts from all traditions and from contemporary disciplines such as psychology and an associated lay-village.  The plan includes the the possibility to be self-sufficient in terms of food and medicinal herbs if necessary.”

Contact: kirikiriroabhikkhunis@gmail.com


A special dialogue and Dhamma discussion with Venerable Canda and Venerable Adhimuttī.

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