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Alliance for Bhikkhunis  Founded in 2007, the Alliance for Bhikkhunis is  committed to supporting ordained Theravada Buddhist women (bhikkhunis). The focus is to support and protect the development of the international Bhikkhuni Sangha through education, sustainable economic empowerment, provisioning of health care, and organizing and mobilizing for a gender-balanced approach to Theravada monasticism.

Anukampa Bhikkhuni Project  In October 2015 Ajahn Brahm asked Venerable Candā of Dhammasara monastery Perth, to take steps towards establishing a monastery in the UK. In response to this, Anukampa Bhikkhuni Project was born, with aims to promote the teachings and practices of Early Buddhism, through establishing a Bhikkhuni presence in the UK.

Aranya Bodhi  (Awakening Forest) A new community of Buddhist monastic women set among the forest redwoods and high meadows of the California Sonoma Coast.

Awakening Buddhist Women A Sākyadhitā-supported blog by, for, and about Buddhist women.

Buddhist Global Relief  Our mission is to combat chronic hunger and malnutrition. Bearing in mind the Buddha’s statements that “hunger is the worst kind of illness” and “the gift of food is the gift of life,” we sponsor projects that promote hunger relief for poor communities around the world.

Dakkhina Dhammatthala    A room in the garden at the rear of the house in Christies Beach, South Australia was renovated as a shrine and meditation room where Ayya Santacārī  gives meditation classes,  Dhamma talks and Dhamma discussions throughout the week.  Dhammadharini supports the opportunity for full monastic ordination for Buddhist women in the Theravada who wish to dedicate their lives to a cultivation of the Path and its sharing.

Dhammasara Nun’s Monastery  was established by the Buddhist Society of Western Australia in 1998 is primarily a training monastery for nuns in the Forest Tradition of Theravada Buddhism.

Gotami Vihara Society Malaysia  Support Network for Women Renunciants in Malaysia and Singapore.

Jamyang Foundation    supports innovative education projects for indigenous girls and women in some of the neediest and most remote parts of the world, including the Indian Himalayas and the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. These projects foster women’s learning potential in ways that combine general education for the modern world with traditional Buddhist wisdom and practice.

Karuṇā Sevena is name of the monastic residence – ārāma – where Venerable bhikkhunī Visuddhi lives. This name was given to this ārāma by her Venerable teacher Bhante Pemasiri, who is considered to be one of the most respectable modern meditation teachers in Sri Lanka.

Newbury Buddhist Monastery   is based on the early teachings found in the Suttas (the Buddha’s teachings) and Vinaya (monastic rules) that are shared by all Buddhist traditions. Hence, we welcome monastics from all traditions and countries to stay.

Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage  Western Australia  “The complete release of my mind was like the quenching of the lamp”  Arahat Bhikkhuni Patacara  Working at the grassroots level, Sakyadhita provides a communications network among Buddhist women internationally. We promote research and publications on Buddhist women’s history and other topics of interest. Our members strive to create equal opportunities for women in all Buddhist traditions.

Samita ASBL  We are very happy to announce that one of our members has decided to sell his house and invest his life’s savings to buy land for building a monastery for the Nun’s Sangha in the quiet and forested area of the Ardennes in Belgium, close to the German border. The new monastery will be fairly small and is envisioned to be – as Ajahn Brahm has put it – a community of hermits. The main focus of the monastery will be solitary retreat and meditation with nuns living under the guidance of the Vinaya, the rules of conduct as laid down by the Buddha, as explained by our teacher, Ajahn Brahm..

Saranaloka Foundation  supports Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery in the Sierra Foothills of California, a monastic residence for a small group of nuns who had previously lived in England.We are currently developing a rural monastery where women can live and train as nuns and the lay community can come and practice.

Sati Sārāņīya Hermitage is a Theravada Buddhist monastery for bhikkhunis, the first of its kind in Canada.

Santi Forest Monastery   Santi Forest Monastery is a Buddhist Nuns’ Monastery, in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia, established by Bhante Sujato in 2003.

Sutta Central  SuttaCentral is for anyone who has an interest in Buddhism and wants to delve deeper into the scriptures of the earliest period.